Cedar Q Waxwing

Crow Universe

March 10th – March 30th

windowCrow appears across cultural and folkloric traditions as trickster, as scavenger, as guide to the other side. Crow remembers faces, creates networks of connection, and plays social games. In every part of the planet, there is one crow for every five humans. Throughout our co-evolution together, crow has secured a spot in the collective human consciousness; the poet Mary Oliver has referred to crow as “the deep muscle of the world.”

Crow Universe is a love letter to the mystery of crows, an ode to the feathered shapeshifters, illusionists of the void, and keepers of cosmic time. The work is an arrangement of personal archives, possessions, and artworks in clusters of physical information that summon psychic spaces. The interwingled elements of the work conjure a journey of collective storytelling—a balancing of the past, present, and future in the now. They are a rhapsody of fragmented parts coalescing into a unified whole.

The installation’s orbits, circles, spheres, and windows offer opportunities to dwell beyond the domains of space and time and peer into inner dimensions. Enjoy your visit to Crow Universe! Please feel free to bring any insights you gather from your journey back to life on Earth, as well as any revelations about our astral destiny, our terrestrial task, our fantastic dream.

About the Artist
Cedar Q Waxwing creates mixed media work with used and discarded materials to illustrate dreams. Waxwing deconstructs images through an intuitive process of cutting, tearing, stitching, and folding, and combines abstracted fragments together to create a kaleidoscopic sense of mystery, wonder, and exploration. Waxwing redirects attention to the natural, the serene, the celestial, defying direction in ethereal timeless non-spaces, generating a universal language as a surreal lens into the human and more-than-human experience. These otherworldly realms serve as physical records of visual mythography, magic, and meditation.


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