Differing Feathers

Group Exhibition

December 1st – 31st
Opening Reception Dec 3rd 6-9pm

Differing Feathers

When different species of birds flock together, their flight interactions are determined by social dynamics both between and within a species. For centuries, scientists have been puzzled by the unified behavior of flocks of birds. One ornithologist even suggested they might be guided by telepathy. Other experts have suggested more reasonable explanations. One noted that mathematical models show that coordinated group movements can be generated by repeated interactions among individuals following simple rules. However, these models usually rely on the assumption that individuals within groups are identical and interact independently, which may or may not reflect reality. Interactions depend on social dynamics between the different species as well as relationships within a species.

The group exhibition Differing Feathers will mix mediums and artists to create a discussion around how social dynamics in birds can be applied to society.  The exhibition will feature painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed media.
Sage Akaboshi
Nick Allen
David Kimball Anderson
Nicole Andrijauskas
Matthew Bajda
Leo Bersamina
Methanie Binder
Jill Bonny
Alexis Braun
Rob Brodman
Able Brown
John Bucklin
Steph Canlas
Madison Clell
Mike Cohen
Sean Collier
Blake Conway
Ilana Crispi
Sachi Cunningham
Cielo De La Paz
Naomi Deal
Jessica Dunne
Bethany Eden
Ethan Estes
Paul Ferraris
Todd Francis
April Fredrikson
Dave Gardner
Lucas Elmer
Dave Glass
Annie Galvin
Jeana Hadley
John Harding
Sherri Harding
Jeremy Harper
Gerald Hawk
Cliff Hengst
Amber Hockborne
Taylor Holland
Walker Hollenbeck
Alan Hopkins
Tana Johnson
Kyle Johnson
Michelle Jones
John Keegan
Lawrence LeBianca
Mario Lemos
John Lindsey
Derek Macario
Spencer Mack
Mark Madeo
Flika McGurrin
Jay Mercado
Silvin Morgan
Josh Nelson
Bailey Nelson
Max Nordemann
Tino Olsen
GP Panawek
Tiff Pollard
Matt Proehl
Eric Rewitzer
Heather Robinson
Tami Sark
Alex Schaffer Czech
Elissa Steamer
Jonathan Steinberg
William Strasser
Mathew Sumner
Tracey Thompson
David Tomb
Brita Ulf
Charles Valoroso
Marie Van Elder
Rafael Vieira
Coco Virostko
Jamie Williams
Ed Wolowski
Douglas Yee
Jade Zebrowski
Kayleigh Ziehler-Martin
Robert Steiner


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