Inside Out Upside Down

Jason Arnold
Jonathan Steinberg

July 7 – August 13
Opening reception Saturday, July 9 – 6-9 pm

May 19 – June 25

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The Great Highway - inside out upside down  The Great Highway Gallery is pleased to present Inside Out Upside Down. The exhibition will feature the oil
paintings of Jason Arnold and mixed media works from Jonathan Steinberg.

Jason Arnold
“This new series of paintings are inspired by Andre Breton: writer, poet, anarchist, anti-fascist and founder of
Surrealism. I work in the skateboard industry which embodies many surrealist ideals and philosophies. I spend most days creating art that resides at street level underneath someones feet. Away from work, my imagination rises to the surface. My thoughts are liberated and begin to freely associate incorporating traditional and pop imagery.”

Jason Arnold is a self taught oil painter from San Jose California and is now a resident of Santa Cruz California. Currently Jason works as an art director for Oj Wheels and Krux trucks.

Jonathan Steinberg
“My art documents on the personality and narrative that mass produced consumer goods gain with age and use. For the past half decade I have been intrigued with swim fins. They have featured prominently in my two dimensional work, sculptures and installations. Recently, my wife pointed out to me that the color break in the rubber on my favorite fins approximates the color and feel of Mark Rothko’s large abstracts. She, as usual, was spot on. Displayed are close up photos of rubber swim fins from my shed. The works are an homage to Rothko and an effort to pull emotive character and beauty from a functional mass produced surf toy.”

Jonathan Steinberg lives, works, surfs and fishes on the Westside of Santa Cruz.



The Great Highway is a fine art gallery and working studio featuring contemporary works in all mediums. The gallery has a deep appreciation for images and ideas that explore where lands meet water.

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