Fathoms of the Leviathan - Ted Lincoln

This exhibit will be the first time that both bodies of work, which I’ve previously examined in distinct, parallel worlds, will now be brought together under one theme. Fathoms of the Leviathan is a visual inquiry of the classic American novel, Moby Dick. Moby Dick has loomed large in our collective history, but it also touches my personal history quite directly. Both the book and I originate from a small corner of Massachusetts, and the scene that introduces Ishmael, the narrator of the intricate novel that, like my artwork, unifies previously distinct genres, occurs at a site just a few miles from my own place of birth. The opening of the whaling trade for the first time between New England, the home of my father’s family for generations, and the islands of the Philippines, the home of my mother and her family, may have, in turn, been one of the vast yet subtle tides of history that led to my own creation.

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