Patrick Trefz & Peter Kirkeby

March 11 – April 24

Let’s talk about discovery whether personal during these uncharted times or historical – like how many times someone passed by the bay until they made a hard left after Point Reyes. Patrick’s paintings are a journey through self discovery through our challenging modern times. Peter’s work looks back in history at the wonderment of geographical and cultural coastal discovery.

Patrick Trefz is a German-American artist, chef, filmmaker, and photographer. His work focuses on a deep sense of place, and identity by way of environment. Through his films and photos, he thoroughly integrates himself in the worlds he captures. Patrick lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA 

Peter Kirkeby and his family have been a part of the bay area art community for many years. Peter is  an artist, curator and a fine art framer that has worked with major artists and museums. Peter lives with his family in San Francisco, California. 


The Great Highway is a fine art gallery and working studio featuring contemporary works in all mediums. The gallery has a deep appreciation for images and ideas that explore where lands meet water.

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